Maruti Genuine Accessories (MGA)

Maruti Genuine Accessories (MGA) is a new initiative to offer you high quality accessories at competitive prices. We follow world Class engineering and design processes to develop each and every item of MGA. Every MGA item has perfect mechanical and electrical compatibility with the vehicle and offers you unmatched performance.

Goody Bag

5 in Cell car charger, Fire Extinguisher, Emergency Torch*, 12 CD Holder*, Tyre Gauge*, Car Shampoo, Car Body Polish, Glass Cleaner, Dash Board Shiner.

Alloy Wheels

Perfect Match with vehicle. Safe and reliable. Virgin Aluminium from ISO certified sources. 100% X-Ray tested. Endurance tested. Excellent finish. Better cooling. Better Braking efficiency.

Body Cover

High Quality imported Fabric. Water-resistant. 1-Year Warranty. UV Ray protection (UV rays cause paint fading). Very light and easily handled. Matches body profile perfectly. Clamp mechanism. Comes in convenient carry bag.


Imported materials used. Perfectly fits the contour of vehicle floor. Attractive designs, matching the interior. Odour free. Fire resistant. Fully Washable. Anti Slip mechanism to prevent slipping on floor. Special thread interlocking. Dust absorbing. Reinforced cushioning at drivers area to prevent balding.

Door Visors

Perfect fit with vehicle profile. Unique attachment provided for strong fit. Weatherproof. Offers protection from sun-rain. Long lasting and unlike other visors, do not become brittle or crack.

Fog Lamps

Comes with complete electric wiring, protection relay, switch and lamps. Electrically compatible with the vehicle electrical systems, therefore perfectly safe for the vehicle. No need to cut/ splice original vehicle wires, clip-on mechanism. Perfect fit mechanically. Tested for long distance visibility. Beam adjustment screws.

Mud Flaps

Made from high quality virgin material. Flexible and wear resistant. Matches profile of the bumper perfectly. Best Aesthetics. Sophisticated design. Absorbs impacts (thus protecting bumper) if mud flaps hit any speed breaker / pothole. Heat Cycle and UV Ray tested. Complete protection from mud splash.

Rubber & Designer Mats

Made from high quality virgin material. Perfect fit on the vehicle floor. Wear resistant, durable and crack proof. Odour free. Anti-slip design to resist slippage on floor. Heat Cycle and UV Ray tested. Environment friendly. Ozone compliance. PVC "Designer" Mats in attractive multi colours are also available. These are manufactured through a special imported process.

Stereo System

Electrically compatible with vehicle electrical system, therefore perfectly safe for the vehicle. No cutting / splicing of original wiring on vehicle needed (clamp-on system). High Quality sound and wide features. Easy installation. Tested over 50,000 Kms. Durable. High Quality speakers & antenna.

Security System

Many Advanced Features from complete vehicle protection. Electrically compatible with vehicle electrical system, therefore perfectly safe for the vehicle. No cutting / splicing of original wiring on vehicle needed (clamp-on system). 3-Years Warranty.


Designed by experts to perfectly match the vehicle profile. Gives the best aerodynamic and sporty look. Best fit. Special high strength and low weight materials used. If light provided, the electricals are perfectly compatible with the vehicle electrical systems. Excellent surface finish.

Seat Covers

Leather Seat Covers are made from genuine Italian seat covers. In Fabric Seat covers, the best quality fabric used. High levels of craftsmanship. Perfect fit and finish. Matches interiors. Abrasion tested. Same quality as those fitted from factory.

CarCare Products

Body Polish:( protects paint, removes dirt, etc). Glass Cleaner:( cleans windshield, removes stains). Shampoo: (removes grease, stains, etc; protects paint). Tyre Polish: (protects tyre, keeps tyre clean). Upholstery cleaner (cleans & protects car interior upholstery). Dashboard Shiner (keeps dashboard sparkling clean and does not attract dust)